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Let us help you make regular, quality video for your business. We teach, you film, we edit.


Join us as we show you behind the scenes of everything that happens when creating an in-house short film!



Our award-winning, Oscar & BAFTA qualifying short-film. Check out the website.



We create fantastic promotional videos for web, TV or cinema.

Thinking about Treehouse, what really stood out for me was yes they understand the technology, yes they understand platforms but the root of everything they do is storytelling. To be able to combine the age old skills of storytelling with the modern use of platforms, well that is going to set the company up for success.
— Steve Hatch, Facebook (Regional Director for UK & Ireland)

Treehouse Digital -Film, TV, Advertising and Video Production

Treehouse Digital is a production company specialising in high concept entertainment. Founded by childhood friends, we are a 'Story Laboratory' that nurtures original ideas through each stage of production via our writer's room, VFX studio, editorial and sound facilities in Bournemouth. From web videos to TV and film the driving force behind every production is awesome narrative. The Treehouse is a place of creativity and play where we strive to find solutions to any obstacle using 'old tricks with new tools’. We are passionate about telling stories across all platforms and in any format.