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Shelley Ep2 - Assembly v10 - YT.00_03_10_11.Still013.jpg

With Season 1 exceeding over 11 million views, Shelley is now into its second Season. You can now watch Season 1 Supercut in the link below.

Season 1 Synopsis

It's time to put high school drama to rest...FOR GOOD. Enjoy all 3 episodes of Shelley Season 1 seamlessly, and let us know if you want Season 2!!

What if Carrie came back from the dead for a school reunion? The all-girl class of ’98 gathers in their school hall for their first reunion in twenty years. 

Nobody has seen each other since their graduation when their classmate Shelley hung herself from the ceiling for all to see.

The three most popular girls in the year were also the three biggest bullies, and were blamed for Shelley’s suicide.  Many people are surprised to see them at the reunion but, the surprise is outdone by someone else-someone nobody expected to see has decided to join the celebrations. 

As the evening unfolds-over three episodes -skeletons are dragged out of the closet and the dark secret the three women have harboured since they were teens looks set to be shared with everyone